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    Donald Trump's Imperial Heart



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    Donald Trump's Imperial Heart

    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:15 pm

    The American people have heard from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; we have suffered through three debates. In each debate, Hillary Rodham Clinton illustrated her credentials for the Presidency while Donald Trump illustrated his lack of preparation and his willingness to attack the credibility of the United States election process. Mrs. Clinton is ready to be President; you may hate her; you might distrust her and you might even think she is a crook but Donald Trump's political heart endangers the fabric of our democracy.

    In conclusion, this election is not about Conservatism and Liberalism; it is not about who is more is about our personal liberty to shout loud and often our agreements and oppositions without Government intrusion. If you have been really listening to Donald Trump, you know this fact...Mr. Trump does not believe in liberty..he believes in imperialism or fascism and he is willing to be the American facilitator of these two evil forces.

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